This New Jersey home is a holiday extravaganza and decked out in more than 75,000 lights


All is Bright profiles homes across the country with the most ornate and impressive holiday light decorations, from enchanted forests in California to winter wonderlands in Staten Island.

For some, getting into the holiday spirit means binge watching their favorite Christmas movies and sitting by the fire decked in matching pajamas with the family. For others, it means taking it one step further and decorating your home in over 75,00 lights! New Jersey native Johnny Rose, who is a spitting image of Santa Claus himself, counts himself as the latter.

"I've been doing Christmas lights for about 50 years. My mother started it out when I was a kid at about 13. She started teaching me about lights, then how to decorate the tree, decorate some of the outside. She knew that she could always count on me to help her. It made us feel better that we always knew we were there for each other," Rose told In The Know.

The East Coast home features everything to a life-size Mickey Mouse, reindeers pulling a sleigh and an array of bedazzled snowmen. Watch him create his amazing Johnny's Hazlet Light Extravaganza in the video above!