Here's what Prince William tells George and Charlotte when they ask about homeless people

Monday night's airing of Mary Berry's Berry Royal Christmas will showcase much more than the iconic television host's mouthwatering creations.

The project, which was undertaken in tandem with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will feature four patronages that Will and Kate are particularly inspired by, as well as their formative work.

In a preview for the BBC show posted to the Kensington Palace Instagram, Prince William can be seen talking about the Passage Charity, one of the organizations selected for the feature. The charity was a particular favorite for his mother Princess Diana, who used to bring her two boys along when visiting the shelter. William has since returned many more times since the first visit 25 years ago and recently became a patron.

"It was one of the first places I came to, actually. And I must have been between eight and 10, something like that. It had a profound impact on me," the duke recalls. "My mother knew what she was doing with it. She realized it's very important when you grow up, especially in the life we grew up in, that you realize that life happens beyond palace walls. And you see real people struggling with real issues."

Prince William also revealed to Berry that while he and Kate haven't taken their three children on official charity visits, they still strive to instill the same values of giving that his mother taught him.

"I know it sounds a little bit contrite, but on the school run already -- bear in mind they're six and four -- whenever we see anyone who's sleeping rough [homeless] on the streets, I talk about it and I point it out and I explain why, and they're all very interested. They're like, 'Why is that person? Why can't they go home?'" William says of George and Charlotte.