LED lights are popular again, thanks to TikTok


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If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite TikToks have color-changing lighting timed perfectly to music, the secret is out.

LED strip lights are having an unexpected resurgence, and it’s all thanks to the never-ending quest for TikTok fame. Inexpensive and easy to install, LEDs are popping up in teen bedrooms and college dorm rooms for one reason: They are a simple way to enhance TikTok’s music-themed clips — and even make optical illusions possible.

On the most basic level, the color-changing capabilities of remote-controlled LEDs allow TikTokers to become their own lighting crew. With the battery-powered lighting, it’s easy to enhance the mood of a TikTok with any color of the rainbow.

LED lights can also be used to play games on TikTok, like attempting to sort objects by color while the red light is on. The results are comical — and easy to replicate.

But arguably the most popular way to use LED lights on TikTok is to perform impressive optical illusions with their color-changing capabilities. TikTok users draw on their faces with red lipstick to create the look of an “evil” clown-like alter ego. Then, the user changes between green and red LED lights in the video.

In red light, the red makeup is invisible, making the user look normal. But when the LED lights are switched to green, the makeup is no longer hidden and the alter ego takes over.

The technique is especially popular when paired with specific songs like the duet “Say My Name” from Beetlejuice The Musical.

If you want an inexpensive way to make eye-catching videos, LED lights are your solution. Here are some top-rated remote enabled LED strip lights available on Amazon to help you become a TikTok pro.

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