Beam-It-Up storage hides all your junk in the ceiling

When it comes to apartment living, you can never have enough space. Storage is hard to come by in tiny pads, meaning every square foot counts. If you're particularly desperate, you may even begin to curse the wasted space above your head. In that case, this invention is for you.

Beam-It-Up is a small space storage solution that acts as a makeshift attic. With a name that's a clear play on iconic Star Trek technology, the system promises to make all your clutter disappear by tucking it right above your head.

Invented by German company Dolle Group, the storage system creates a second ceiling in any hallway, providing sturdy storage above. A series of customizable, ceiling-like tiles comprise Beam-It-Up, with four different storage solution tiles available. These include a three-compartment drop-down shelf, a stretchy net, a solid panel to tuck clutter above and a fold-up shoe rack.

"Beam-It-Up provides great functionality, allowing belongings to be stored out of sight," the Dolle Group website reads. "Through functional design, you can clear the clutter of your entrance hall, pack away children's supplies, toys or sports equipment to an accessible area or bring order to your home office or utility room."

Young people can barely afford their tiny apartments, let alone traditional forms of additional storage, such as storage units, which can cost upwards of $100 per month. Beam-It-Up provides the solution, costing around $350 to $1,000, depending on the size of the space and options selected.

The storage solution isn’t yet available in the U.S., though other Dolle Group products are stateside. Currently, only customers in the UK and Germany can order the space-saving product.