Clothing company's 'supersize' backpack draws hysteria online: 'Fashion is worth a broken back'


A luxury clothing brand is turning heads with a new larger-than-life accessory, which caught the attention of everyone from Vogue to singer Kacey Musgraves.

Moschino, the Italian fashion house, unveiled its pre-fall 2020 collection on Monday — and with it, a backpack that has since set the internet ablaze.

The item, which was about twice as wide as the model who wore it, is a massive red bag with black straps and a gold "Moschino" labeling at the bottom. Moschino also chose to reveal its latest collection inside of vintage subway cars at the New York Transit Museum — a decision that likely made the accessory appear even larger.

Immediately, Twitter users seized on the dramatically large bag, with jokes, insight and even criticism pouring in from all angles. Kacey Musgraves, who attended the show, joked about the item on her Instagram story.

"Finally a bag big enough for all my issues," she wrote.

Vanessa Friedman, the chief fashion critic for the New York Times, tweeted "supersize me," along with photos of the backpack and other oversize bags unveiled during the show.

"Fashion is worth a broken back," one Twitter user wrote.

"It’s basically my wife’s wallet. Full of receipts since 2010…" another commented.

Internet users had all sorts of comparisons for the comically sized accessory, linking it to everything from "Toy Story" to Shaquille O’Neil’s gigantic, shoe-shaped cell phone. Others made note of the fashion show’s timing, adding that Santa Claus could likely use the bag to deliver toys.

This isn’t the first time Moschino has raised eyebrows with its creative decision-making. In 2014, the company unveiled $780, McDonald’s-inspired sweaters, which sold out in just two weeks.

Earlier this year, the company also made headlines a collection made in collaboration with the video game "The Sims." The outfits gave fashionistas a chance to dress as characters from the world-building game.