The Alex House Project provides holistic parenting classes for young parents

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Samora Coles is the Founder and Executive Director of The Alex House Project, a New York-based organization an organization that offers holistic parenting classes to young parents in underserved communities.

"For some strange reason, this was my purpose. If you talk about the term holistic in any sense, it’s something that you can’t explain," Coles explained, "You just have to feel it."

Samora Coles drew on her experience as a teen mom to create The Alex House Project, having her son when she was just 17 years old:

"I was them ... Alex is my son and i had him at the age of 17, so I was a teen mom. My experience was very rough, I was by myself. But once I had Alex, that was the game-changer … I saw that i had a responsibility to a human being to be the best parent that i could possibly be."

Coles' eight-week parenting class workshops also include yoga classes and deep breathing exercises.

One student, Nyja Robbins, emphasized the importance of the community aspect in The Alex House Project offers:

“When you find other mothers who have gone through the same things that you’ve gone through, who’ve experienced the same thing you’ve experienced, you start to feel like I’m on the right track I can do this — you get this confidence in yourself.”

To learn more about The Alex House Project and Coles' story, watch the video above.