Get Art Basel's 'duct taped banana' look for less with these


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The holidays bring about a feeling of cleansing and renewal that often correlates with interior decor. Whether you decide to change the aesthetic of your living space completely or opt to include a single piece of art to add a bit of flair, it's something we all innately do. For those who need some help navigating where to start on their redecorating mission, we've got you covered with six items you can purchase, all inspired by one of the most virally artistic moments of the year: the Miami Art Basel piece "The Comedian," aka, the banana duct-taped to a wall piece.

In case you missed the controversy surrounding the installation, CBS News reports that on Saturday (Dec. 7), a performance artist ate the piece — the most discussed artwork at the show — which sold days prior for a whopping $120,000. The original was created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

If you're eager to include this viral trend into your home decor, consider these items that certainly won't break the bank:

SHOP: Berkin Arts Andy Warhol Giclee Art, Paper Print, $9.99

Mix two trends into one with this piece. Combine the recent "banana craze" with iconic artist Andy Warhol's signature design aesthetic with this affordable multicolored poster. Frame it for your living room or hang it up as-is in your dorm room for a pop of color.

SHOP: SCOCICI Art Canvas Wall Art, Tropical Bananas Pattern, $24.87 (starting price)

If your taste is a bit more sophisticated, this may be right up your alley. Spruce up your living room or home office with this duo-colored tropical banana pattern. Its canvas style form gives it a luxe touch — we can keep the $24.87 price tag between us.

SHOP: "Art Banana" by Richard Wallich Graphic Art Print on Canvas, $31.99 (starting price)

For those who prefer a tongue-in-cheek approach to the banana theme, this canvas piece from Wayfair has your name written all over it. A banana wearing a pair of sunglasses? I mean, what's cooler?

SHOP: CNUSER Funny Lemur Eating Banana Canvas Wall Art, $6.99 (starting price)

We can't forget the kids! This adorable canvas piece, featuring a lemur eating a banana, is sure to pique your little one's interest. What's even better is it comes in a variety of sizes, with the largest (24x24) retailing for only $13.99!

SHOP: Josephine Baker Banana Dress Fine Art Giclee Gallery Print, $34.99

Those familiar with the history of bananas used in art naturally gravitate towards the brilliance and iconic aesthetic of 1920s entertainer Josephine Baker. Her signature finger waves and banana skirt remain synonymous with her name more than 90 years after her debut! Remember the legend with this gorgeous print.

SHOP: The Velvet Underground & Nico (Banana) by Andy Warhol, $214.99

This last piece has a steeper retail price but does not remotely rival that of the viral Art Basel installation. This Andy Warhol creation was professionally handcrafted and framed using solid wood molding. Its minimalistic look makes it easy to insert and seamlessly blend into arguably any space.

Who knew a fruit could simultaneously cause so much hoopla while being so artistically pleasing?