Mom’s embarrassing parking lot gaffe goes viral: ‘I've just stopped crying’


A Florida mom is going viral after her attempt to spread some "Christmas magic" went outrageously wrong.

Mary Katherine Backstrom, who runs a parenting blog called "Mom Babble," shared her experience at a Wawa gas station in Fort Meyers.

“Y’all are going to die. I just stopped crying," said in her video, which has now been viewed more than 46 million times. "I’m laughing so hard; I’m trying not to start back up again."

The incident started when Backstrom bought a ginger ale for a stranger at the gas station, an act of kindness she said was inspired by the holiday spirit. The mom then walked outside to find another stranger returning the favor — a man she'd never met before was seemingly cleaning her windshield.

"I’m convinced this is the Christmas magic," Backstrom said of the man's apparent kindness. "I just love this time of year."

She then proceeded to thank the man for his help, giving him a large, cheerful hug and telling him that actions like his were her "favorite part of humanity." But there was just one problem — the man wasn't cleaning her car.

It turns out Backstrom's supposed holiday hero was actually washing the windshield on his own vehicle, which was parked directly in front of hers.

The hilarious mix-up was clearly embarrassing at first, but above all, the blogger seemed to find the incident hilarious.

"I had to share this with y’all because I’m out here hugging strangers at the gas station because of the magic of Christmas," Backstrom said in her video while fighting back tears of laughter.

Backstrom's massively viral video has drawn comments from nearly 30,000 people, many of whom shared their joy over the outrageous story.

"I screamed and cried and watched again. Omg my stomach hurts," one user commented.

"This man is doing his own [video] right now laughing to his friends for his own reasons (with clean windows on his car and everything!)" another joked.