Christmas gifts 2019: Retro, vintage-inspired holiday present ideas for the old soul

We all know someone who's so undeniably cool that they're impossible to shop for.

For the sister — or brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, grandma, uncle, you get it — whose taste is too well-honed for the typical Christmas box, you'll want to find something unique. Vintage stores often house awesome, one-of-a-kind gifts, but they can be a real toss-up if you're not quite sure what you're looking to find. (If you're short on time, one solid option is working with a virtual personal shopping service like Jetblack, which functions entirely over text message.)

Before you start scrounging through antique shops (which we do recommend! It's always fun!), take a look at these retro but easy-to-order gifts that will delight even the coolest guy or gal you know.

1. A gorgeous coffee table book of rare '70s snaps: "Stoned: Photographs and Treasures From Life with the Rolling Stones" is a brand-new release due out Nov. 5, 2019. Buy it on Amazon Prime for $22.49

2. Gorgeous turntable with Bluetooth and USB outs for converting vinyl to digital sound: Who wouldn't want to see this beautiful thing in their living room? Buy it at Nordstrom for $99.95

3. Classic board games that look like vintage books: This set of 3 includes Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue, all of which live inside hard-cover "books" that look stunning on any shelf. Buy it on Amazon Prime for $99.95

4. Ray-Ban 51mm squared aviators: We especially like them in this gold/brown color combo. Timeless. Buy on Nordstrom for $168.00

5. Black or gray classic Levi's denim jacket: If he doesn't have one, he needs one. If he already has one, he needs a new one because it's really, really beat up. Buy on Nordstrom for $99

6. Glass teapot with removable infuser: It looks great, it works great and it's under $20. Buy it on Amazon for $19.99

7. FAO Schwartz giant piano mat: Sure, it's usually for kids, but it's also a cool, kind of weird thing to just have in the house. Buy it at Nordstrom for $79.99

8. Vintage-style bluetooth radio: It's a gorgeous (and functional) mini statement piece for any room in the house or apartment. Buy it at Nordstrom for $69.95