This 24" monitor will change your gaming experience – and keep your eyes safe!

This 24-inch monitor is from Asus, one of the best monitor-makers on the market. It features an ultra-fast response time and refresh rate, and keeps your eyes safe.

Typically the monitor is $199.99, but when ordered right now off of Amazon, it comes out to $179.99.

Shop: Asus VG245H 24-inch full HD gaming monitor, $179.99

Asus VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p gaming monitor // Amazon
Asus VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p gaming monitor // Amazon

The response time is only one millisecond, which is ideal for gamers, and the screen is flicker-free and offers blue light technology to protect your eyes from straining to look at the screen for however long you play for. The monitor comes on an ergonomic stand with full height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments that can accommodate any desk or setup. It can tailor to your exact needs so you won't have to deal with neck pain either.

It's a 1080p display that has a minimal input lag so if you're playing a game that requires speed, you won't fall behind.

The screen is so comfortable and easy-to-use that it doesn't have to be limited to a gaming gift. It can be used as an office monitor or even personal TV you can connect to your laptop to stream, that's how great the visuals are.