This mother daughter team is sharing family recipes with their customers

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Bulbuli and Maria D’Cruze are a mother-daughter duo living in Queens, New York who founded the all-natural beauty company Marijon Co.

"It’s something that’s been passed on from [my mother's] family, from generations, from our culture so we know that there’s that wisdom that’s passed on with our products," says Maria D'Cruze.

The two immigrated to Queens from India in the year 2000:

“We were really fortunate to be in a community where we see people that look like us, that speak like us, that we can go to stores and buy food that we recognize."

The two work together to make holistic products from their home -- such as soaps, body creams, oils and shampoos.

The inspiration comes from Bulbuli's childhood and watching her family use organic ingredients as a form of self-care:

“When I was little, I used to see my grandma and my parents using oils after taking a shower, like almond oil and coconut oil. When I grew up with those ingredients, I started making my own products that I shared with my family. “

To hearmkore about Marijon Co., watch the video above.