Meet José Castelo Branco, a staple in the New York fashion scene

My Beauty Obsession showcases the extreme ways in which people strive to be beautiful. From a mother who has used a corset to achieve her 18-inch waist to a woman who underwent numerous surgeries to look like Melania Trump, the stories are endless.

José Castelo Branco makes sure that no matter the occasion, no matter the weather, this fashionista is dressed to impress from head to toe. And as a staple in the New York fashion scene, it's expected.

From bedazzled, plunging blazers to pearl chokers and Givenchy boas, Castelo Branco isn't just obsessed with fashion. Instead, he sees fashion as a part of him.

"Dressing for me is a pleasure," he explained to AOL Lifestyle."I love to touch the fabric and feel quality because the fabric is like a second skin."

For Castelo Branco, who calls himself the "queen of haute couture," much of his support comes from his son Guilherme.

"He's fantastic making me feel secure," he said. "That's why I dress as a woman."

He's also cheered on by his wife of 25 years, Lady Betty Grafstein -- the two even share clothes.

"I don't care about what people think about my sexuality. Who cares?!" asked Castelo Branco. "Life is more of that. Life is love," he said.

"A relationship is really's friendship," he continued. "I am what I am."