This local hardware store’s $130 commercial is being dubbed ‘the best Christmas ad of the year'

This local hardware store’s $130 commercial is being dubbed ‘the best Christmas ad of the year'

A local hardware store spent less than $150 on a heartwarming commercial that many are calling the "best Christmas ad of the year."

The ad, released by Hafod Hardware, a family-owned store in Rhayader, Wales, features an adorable two-year-old managing the shop, which is actually owned by his father, Tom Jones.

Jones' holiday commercial, starring his son, Arthur, cost a remarkably low £100 — approximately $131 — to make. The store owner told Wales Online that the video's only cost was the money he spent for permission to use a cover of the 1984 Alphaville hit, "Forever Young."

Despite its almost non-existent cost, the ad has drawn massive praise from social media users around the world. Hafod Hardware's video was released on Monday and has now been viewed more than 400,000 times on Twitter, plus another 270,000 times on Facebook.

The heartwarming ad shows Arthur as he goes about his day as the shop's "owner." In it, the 2-year-old wakes up and makes himself some breakfast before heading to the shop to set up for the day — putting out the "open" sign, sweeping the floors and later wrapping merchandise in Christmas-themed paper.

Arthur's day ends with him carrying a comparably giant Christmas tree down the street, as the words, "Be a kid this Christmas" appear at the bottom of the screen.

Support for the commercial's quality and its powerful, kindhearted message has poured in from across the internet —as well as earned the shop coverage in the national British media. The BBC reported that Hafrod Hardware has been making holiday ads for seven years, but this appears to be the first to receive such widespread praise.

"This must be my favorite advert in some time. It beautifully captures something adverts tend to miss. It touches home to those who appreciate family, hard work, being a kid and Christmas," one Twitter user said of the ad.

"Absolutely beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye, [and a] smile to my face. Best Christmas ad of the year," another said.

Jones told Wales Online that the video was shot in a single day, with some help from his friend who is a filmmaker. Including Arthur, the advertisement features four generations of the shop owner's family.

"He was so good," Jones told Wales Online of his son's performance. "They say never work with animals or children but he was a joy — I'm bursting with pride."

The store owner said the ad has definitely brought visitors to his shop, some of whom have come just to sing the commercial's praises.

"People have come to the shop to say how much they love it," Jones said. "It's really really nice."