Woman goes viral on Twitter for spoof of Peloton ad


A writer and comedian has gone viral on Twitter for her hilarious take on a controversial Peloton ad.

On Monday, Eva Victor posted a 55-second video of herself re-enacting the commercial. In it, she jokingly mimics the "Peloton Mom" and sarcastically expresses excitement at the fact that her "husband" got her a Peloton bike.

"A Peloton?" she asks. "My husband got me a Peloton for Christmas. Nothing weird about that. Thank you. You get me."

Victor proceeds to document her time on the bike.

"Okay, my first ride," she says. "I'm a little bit nervous and rightly so because my husband got me a f***ing workout bike for Christmas and that's rude."

As she documents her "journey" on the bike in the clip, Victor begins to question her marriage.

"Six days in a row!" she says. "Are you surprised? I am ... that my marriage is still intact."

The highlight of the video comes one scene later.

"Six a.m." she says begrudgingly from her bed. "My husband is sleeping soundly next to me, but I couldn't sleep a wink because what kind of sociopath gets his wife a F***ING STATIONARY BIKE? SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?"

At the end of the video, Victor comes to a conclusion— but one that has nothing to do with her physical health.

"A year ago, I didn't realize how much this would change me," she says. "Babe, I want a divorce."

The clip concludes with her handing off an envelope full of "divorce papers" off-screen to her "husband."

As of Thursday afternoon, Victor's satire has received over 3.8 million views on Twitter and nearly 3,000 responses.

"Literally had the same reaction to that commercial!" one person wrote. "Brilliantly done."

"Every woman that has seen that commercial thanks you for this," another wrote.

Peloton's latest "The Gift That Gives Back" commercial has come under fire in recent days. Critics say it contains sexist undertones because the Peloton Mom's husband appears to send her a subtle message about her weight by gifting her a bicycle. Many viewers were also put off by the fact that the ad ends with the woman watching a vlog of her own fitness journey alongside her partner.

"Why is she watching a vlog of her own fitness journey on her own TV alongside the man who forced her into riding -- sorry, lovingly bought -- the Peloton bike?" AOL's Emily Rella wrote. "If you disassociate for a second, it's hard to forget you're not watching a live-action version of the next installment of 'The Purge.' "