Kate Middleton shares cutest update on Prince Louis: 'He wants to come everywhere with me!'

The Duchess of Cambridge showed off her maternal side on Wednesday morning when she joined pre-schoolers for a visit to Peterley Manor Farm to shop for Christmas trees and take part in some holiday festivities.

In between cooking up some eco-friendly reindeer food, crafting holiday decorations and wandering through the farm's "Elves Enchanted Forest," the mom-of-three also revealed that her youngest, Prince Louis, is meeting some milestones.

The sweet reveal happened as one of the programs' little boys cuddled up to the duchess while the group was picking out Christmas trees. "You remind me of my little Louis, he keeps saying, ‘Me, me, me.’" the royal said, while stroking his cheek. "And he wants to come everywhere with me!”

The owner of the farm, Roger Brill, watched as Kate took it upon herself to lead the kids' through the forest, holding their hands. "She was fantastic with the youngsters. She was in there moving them around and holding them up,” said Brill. “I will have to give her a job at the weekend, I think. She was a very good saleswoman!"

Buckingham Palace announced Wednesday morning that the duchess, 37, is the new patron of the Family Action charity, a role that Queen Elizabeth had held for the past 65 years. Kate has been increasing her involvement in the organization over the past year and had previously worked with them at the Chelsea Flower Show in May.

“I have worked with her on the early years for some time,” said David Holmes, the chief executive of Family Action. “But she is fantastic with children and is also really interested in the issues — she’s really interested in families and parenting, and it really shines through everything she does."