Health Hacks: 6 simple ways to boost your energy levels

Welcome to Health Hacks with Doctor Mike, a weekly video series to learn the latest tips and tricks to ensure you're as healthy as can be.

As we get older, our responsibilities only get bigger and bigger. Balancing the demands of our careers and our personal lives is no easy feat, especially if we're dealing with any extra stressors like financial issues or relationship woes. And those pressures definitely take a big toll on our mental health by impacting our moods and destroying motivation. But luckily, there are ways to boost our energy levels all the while staying happy and healthy.

Read on to discover Doctor Mike's top tips for boosting our spirit!

1. Differentiate your stressors

There are two types of stressors: Acute short term stress that is good for our minds and bodies, and chronic longterm stress, which is much more harmful. Nobody benefits from chronic stress, so figure out what things you need to eliminate in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

2. See your doctor

There are all sorts of medical ailments that can cause you to have low energy levels. Your physician can advise on testing and next steps.

3. Express yourself

Repressing emotions can cause physical symptoms like low energy levels and even body aches. Chat it up with a friend, doctor or mental health professional to take the weight off your shoulders.

4. Sweat for energy

It may sound counterintuitive, but exercise releases endorphins, which results in energy!

5. Willpower goes a long way

A common cause of low energy is low willpower. An easy way to boost your willpower is to perform a specific disciplined act for an extended period of time. In Doctor Mike's case, he uses his left hand to brush his teeth, a challenge he likes to try every few weeks.

6. Block the blue

Avoid blue light before bed. Electronics like phones, laptops and tablets emit a blue light which can disrupt sleep. Cut out the screen time and instead pick up a book or a game before hitting the hay.