Flight attendant's travel tips will change the way you fly forever

If you want to fly the friendly skies, take advice from the folks who are up in the clouds all the time: Flight attendants. They’ve got the best insider secrets every passenger should know.

Seasoned flight attendants spoke with a variety of publications, such as Business Insider, Men’s Health and Reader’s Digest and revealed some of their most surprising secrets to the public.

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One of the biggest shockers was the truth behind cell phones and planes -- it doesn't matter if yourphone is turned off before the plane gets off the ground!

"Nobody turns off their phones. I don’t, even," said Betty in an interview with Vice.

Passengers aside, even flight attendants are on the phone right up to takeoff, according to an airline worker Men’s Health spoke with.

To fight the dry cabin air at around 35,000 feet, drink water, shove some moisturizer in your carry-on, bring eye drops and medicated lip balm. And if you're going to bring one drink with you after security, make it ginger ale, since planes often almost run out.

If you didn't know already, never, ever eat directly off the tray table. Flight attendants are witnesses to some horror stories, like people changing diapers and clipping toenails on them.

If you’re traveling overseas, you should bring a pen to fill out the immigration forms. Flight attendants have a few to spare, but not 200! And annoying or rude passengers can have a note placed in their file, which will red-flag them to gate agents on upcoming flights.

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it -- well, that is if your seat reclines more than a few inches.