Sakara Life's Metabolism Super Powder is made to fight bloat and help with sugar cravings


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The founders of Sakara Life launched their popular organic meal delivery program nearly 10 years ago as a way to treat their cystic acne and yo-yo dieting habits. Since then, they've also created functional, all-organic, natural products for helping you look and feel your best—take their famous Metabolism Super Powder and Beauty Super Bars for example.

Co-founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise stopped by In The Know's "You Need This" to talk about the two products, calling the Metabolism Super Powder "their favorite child."

"So this is designed to get at the root cause of what might be slowing down your metabolism," Duboise said about the powder. "This contains many incredible ingredients. Some of them are Ayurvedic herbs, which help stabilize blood sugar and help you with any sugar cravings, which is really great during the holidays."

It also contains celery seed extract to help with water retention and an amino acid that helps heal the gut. For some people, they feel bloated after eating, and that's because there's inflammation in the gut, Duboise explained.

The Metabolism Super Powder retails for $45 per 10 servings or $90 for a 30-day supply ($3 per day), and according to Duboise, you'll really see a difference within a few weeks.

Shop: Metabolism Super Powder, $45

Stress and sweets can also wreak havoc on your skin, so the brand also recently launched their Beauty Super Bars for better skin. The bars are made with strawberry and coconut flavors and look like your typical protein bar. Although they pack in 12 grams of clean plant protein, they contain so much more.

"It's an edible skincare product," Tingle said. "[The Beauty Super Bars] contains patent-pending beautifying ingredients that go in and help you with skin clarity to boost luminosity and firmness in your skin, help you with hydration. It's clinically proven to help your skin in just two weeks, a bar a day."

The Beauty Super Bars retail for $29 per six-pack. If you order three six-packs, you get 10 percent off, though.

Shop: Beauty Super Bars, $29

"People come to us for all types of reasons—either you want to combat bloat or you want to lose weight, people come to us with autoimmune disorders, people that want to sleep better, have more energy, want to have skin clarity. It's really food as medicine," Duboise said.

You can shop these products and learn more about Sakara Life in the video above, but be sure to check out the Sakara Life website for more beautifying and detox products this holiday season!