Gayle King poses in untouched swimsuit photo to celebrate 'cellulite cottage cheese thighs'

There's no Photoshopping for Gayle King!

The CBS This Morning anchor celebrated her Thanksgiving holiday away from the New York City cold by traveling to Mexico with her family for some sunshine, sand and a "no photoshop-allowed" beach photo shoot!

King, 64, channeled her favorite niece by copying her swimsuit modeling poses — and the body-positive shoot has gotten a round of applause from King's 750,000 followers on Instagram.

"Tradition continues ! Photo shoot w/Fav niece @mknzschwb in Mexico!" King captions the photos on Monday. "Swipe left for celebration of cellulite cottage cheese thighs...happy to report no photoshopping allowed!"

Followers can see King's take in the second shot.

"You look fantastic and cottage cheese thighs noted!" wrote one follower. Said another, "Never Too OLD! I have to keep telling myself this."

From showing off her cellulite to wardrobe mishaps, King regularly treats her social media fans to life updates, no matter how embarrassing. "People say, 'I can't believe that you show your weight, I can't believe that you tell your age,' and I think number one, I'm so happy to be on the planet doing the job that I do, and as far as weight, I think people have eyes," she said on a Thrive Global podcast in February 2018.

She continued:

"I don't see any point in sugar-coating things, and I think so many people think that you have to present this picture that life is perfect and life is fine ― and I just don't think that that's a reality, I don't. Life has a lot of warts and ups and downs and I try not to overshare, but I think that my life is pretty typical of what a lot of people go through."