This teenager's optical illusion video on TikTok has people scratching their heads


A Filipina teenager's optical illusion video on TikTok has fellow users trying to figure out how she performed the trick.

The 19-year-old girl, who goes by Tori Pareno on the popular social media platform, posted a video in which she successfully pulled off the "magical hand trick." The trick involves placing your right hand in front of yourself, palm out, with your left hand right behind it, according to Metro. The left hand's fingers are then closed over the right hand, with your left fingers poking through your right fingers. Then you let go of your front hand and straighten your back hand while you make your front hand into a fist.

Pareno flawlessly executes the illusion in her clip and appears stunned herself.

"THIS WAS MY FIRST TRY LOL," she captions the clip.

Pareno's video has since gone viral. As of Monday afternoon, the TikTok clip has received over 763,000 likes and nearly 4,000 comments.

"Not gonna lie, this tripped me out the first time," one person wrote.

"I'd be just as excited as she is if I could even do it," another replied.

According to Metro, another person previously shared a video of herself performing a similar trick. In August 2018, a Twitter user by the handle @kay_dera posted a clip in which her right hand appears to slip through her left hand. That clip received over 3.5 million views.

"Let's see how far this goes," the user tweeted at the time.