This mom turns classic parenting moments into viral, comedy gold

Samantha Gutstadt is not what you'd expect when you first hear that she's a mommy vlogger.

"I'm an okay cook, I'm kind of terrible at DIYs, and like, no one wants me doing their crafts," Gutstadt told In The Know. "But I'm an awesome mom and that's what matters."

Gutstadt spent years searching for acting roles that would let her be creative. It was when she had her firstborn son that she decided to be more selective about the work she was choosing. When deciding on projects she said that it had to be something meaningful and creative enough to warrant taking the time away from being with her newborn baby.

That's when she started creating her own content, rather than looking for someone else's.

"I wanted to take everything into my own hands and talk about what I was experiencing," Gutstadt said.

That led to Don't Call Me Mommy, which Gutstadt co-writes, stars in and produces with fellow mom Haely White.

"It took us like six months to plan drinks," said Gutstadt. "We were sitting across the table, drinking, and she grabbed me across the table and she grabbed my hand and was like, 'Why didn't anyone tell me this?' We just started riffing, like 'No one told us this, this, this' and it was these real truths of motherhood that no one talks about because they were scared to talk about it."

After writing down the funniest points of their conversation onto a restaurant napkin, Gutstadt ended up pitching a series based on what the two had talked about. It got picked up by parenting site,

The most popular video out of the series "Sh*t No One Told You" has over 1.6 million views. In addition, the two write sketches, have a "Before & After Kids" video series and write articles about their misadventures in parenting.

"You read it and you're like, 'Wow, I relate. I'm not alone in this.' And, so, I want to provide that for everyone in my community."

Watch the full In The Know: Profiles episode above to learn more about Samantha Gutstadt and her nontraditional mommy vlogger success.