How to keep your Christmas tree looking alive for longer


Holiday Hacks helps you prepare for the holiday season with simple tips and tricks to turn your season from a stressful situation to a joyful celebration, so you can actually enjoy the holidays for once!

This year, make your tree look its fullest, brightest and merriest with these simple tips—especially if you're working with the real deal. Here's how to keep your Christmas tree looking alive for longer!

1. Buy a tree from the nursery with the roots on. After the holidays, you can plant your tree outside!

2. Add green garland or tinsel to make the tree look fuller.

3. Decorate with small light bulbs and large light bulbs for an extra sparkly look.

4. Add small mirrored ornaments to make the tree look brighter and more decorated.

5. Make your own ribbon tree topper by folding ribbon "accordion-style" and securing it in the center with a wire pipe cleaner or string. Note: This works best with ribbon that has wire edges so you can bend and shape it into a fuller bow!

You can check out the video above to see how these hacks helped turn our tree into a sparkling, full fir!