Fire department called to Chick-fil-A after teenager's joke goes horribly wrong

A 16-year-old who thought she was following through on a hilarious dare ended up getting a lot more than she bargained for — plus a visit from a local fire department.

Addison Trent was visiting a Chik-fil-A in Ammon, Idaho, when her friends bet her that she couldn't fit inside one of the restaurant's high chairs, East Idaho News reports.

As it turns out, Addison did fit in the child-sized chair — getting out, on the other hand, was its own issue.

"They ate their meal and then dared one of the young ladies to see whether or not she could fit in a high chair," Ammon Battalion Chief Jesse Williams told East Idaho News. “She accepted the dare and was able to get in the chair but couldn’t get back out."

The 16-year-old spent 45 minutes stuck in the chair before her friends decided to call for help. By the time firefighters freed the girl, it was 11 p.m., and she'd been trapped for around an hour and a half in total.

"When we got there, she was in high spirits but seemed a bit embarrassed," Williams told East Idaho News. "Her friends were actively Snapchatting and Instagramming because that’s what teenagers do."

Williams said the case was "the first of this type" he'd ever experienced, adding that his crew originally believed they'd need a chainsaw to dismantle the chair. Thankfully, they were able to take the seat apart by hand instead.

The incident caused some hilarity, a little embarrassment and a viral moment, but beyond that, there was seemingly no harm done. Addison's mother, Liza Trent, said that beyond a few bruises, her daughter is doing perfectly fine.

"She wants to thank the staff at Ammon Chick-fil-A and the Ammon Fire Department for their kindness and understanding in an unlikely situation," Trent told East Idaho News. "Yes, this was a silly dare and could have been much worse. We are very thankful that the fire department was able to assist and that no one else was in need of their services at the time."

Trent said she believes her daughter learned a lesson from the incident, adding that the girl, who turned 16 just days after she got stuck, plans to return to Chick-fil-A to apply for a job soon.

"You can’t be old and wise if you have never been young and crazy," Trent said.