9-year-old issues $1M challenge to President Trump: 'Pretty much everyone wants a healthy president'


One bold fourth-grader is putting President Trump's love for fast food hamburgers and steaks on blast.

Evan, 9, whose last name is being kept private, is making headlines for his challenge to President Trump: Go vegan for the month of January and he'll help donate $1 million to American veterans.

“He’s the president of our country, and pretty much everyone wants a healthy president,” Evan says. “I think that Trump really cares about our veterans [because] they’re the ones who fought and continue to fight for our country."

Through PSAs, billboards, social media postings and a recent letter published by The New York Times, Evan is tackling the issue head-on.

"I'd like to make you an offer," the suit-wearing fourth-grader bluntly says to Trump in a now-viral video. "We will give $1 million to veterans if you go vegan in January. We want to make America healthy again and eating plant-based foods is a great place to start."

"Our veterans get $1 million and you get great vegan food. Mr. President, do we have a deal?" he asks.

The Florida elementary schooler, who became vegan at the age of 5, is working with the organization Million Dollar Vegan to raise awareness on the health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. The foundation aims to fight "climate change through diet change" and made the same offer to Pope Francis as they did to Trump earlier this year.

Experts explain that if Trump were to take on Evan's challenge, he could help initiate conversation and solutions for many of the world's most pressing issues.

"We need to get the schools healthy and [Trump] could be the president that initiates some legislation or at the least raises issue so others can move forward state by state," says leading cardiologist Joel Kahn. "The lifestyle will prevent 80 percent of the diseases that are costing us so many dollars and filling our hospitals and causing quality of life issues and ending life."

Kahn continues, "The fact [is] that American lifespan has dropped the last three years. And you could be the president, Mr. Trump, that is the health legacy."

“We really want President Trump to accept our offer,” says Evan. “We want to write that check! But most of all we want to help ‘Make America Healthy Again,’ and that is why we have some awesome resources available for anyone who would like to go vegan for January and see what it could do for them."

"It’s really not that hard and it can do so much good. Everyone should try it!”