How to find the perfect holiday gift for your kids while avoiding 'Stress-mas'

It’s official: The holiday season has now kicked off.

And while the merriment of the holiday season sends kids into a frenzy of excitement, Santa’s imminent arrival sends parents into a frenzy of stress and exhaustion. Gift shopping, holiday hosting and breaks from school only exacerbate the strain that December may bring, but Dr. Karen Latimer is offering fellow parents some fantastic tips to juggling all that cheer.

“Over the years with five kids, I’ve picked up some great tips, from Chris Kringle himself on how to find the magic without losing my mind,” she explained to AOL Lifestyle. “At Christmas, it’s important to me for my kids to feel the magic of receiving brightly-colored presents. But it’s also a great opportunity to teach them about the joy of giving."

Read on to discover Dr. Latimer’s best advice for a stress-free holiday.

  1. Limit your kids’ holiday wishlist.

  2. Make a spreadsheet with confirmation links from online purchases for easy follow-up. It also prevents you from overspending!

  3. Kids of all ages love personalized items, from overnight bags to pillows to sweatshirts. Even decorating yourself with paint pens can make for a thoughtful gift.

  4. Experiences can mean much more than material gifts.

  5. Engage your kids through charities rather than simply making donations.