11 unusual uses for dental floss

Be honest, the goody bag you're handed as you leave the dentist is most likely *still* sitting in the trunk of your car.

Packed with a travel toothbrush, a kid-sized tube of toothpaste and a roll of floss, these plastic goody bags never really stood a chance, quickly tossed in the back of your bathroom drawer. Don't worry, because we all leave the dentist ready to start anew with our blinding pearly whites -- a mindset that is seemingly forgotten the second we step out of the doctor's office.

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Sure, you may not think that roll of dental floss has any use, but in reality, it's actually a life-changing product. If you didn't already know, dental floss can seamlessly reattach buttons, slice a cake in a way that would make Martha Stewart jealous, and start a fire if you're ever stranded in the woods, "Lost" style.

Scroll through above to learn about the mind-blowing ways floss can become your number one hack. But seriously, please get flossing.

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