Americans traveling to Heathrow Airport greeted with sweet Thanksgiving surprise

Americans picking up their bags from the conveyor belt at Heathrow Airport didn't just grab their luggage — they also grabbed fresh pumpkin pie.

The London-based airport rolled out "classic wicker baskets filled with delicious pies" to 750 travelers coming from U.S.-originating flights on baggage carousels the day before Thanksgiving, a representative from Heathrow Airport told AOL.

Heathrow teamed up with Whole Foods Market for the first time to "give many [Americans] a taste of home" in the U.K., the airport said.

"Baggage ambassadors were on hand to garnish slices with dollops of whipped cream and wish everyone a very 'Happy Thanksgiving,' with screens throughout the terminal echoing the sentiment," the airport told AOL.

One passenger shared the experience on Twitter, saying she arrived in London on a flight from New Orleans to a "chorus of 'Happy Thanksgiving'!" in addition to the pie.

"While turkey might get first billing on the day, we know that it’s just not an American Thanksgiving without pie," said Jade Hoai, Director of Purchasing and Operations for Whole Foods Market U.K.