Amazon shopper jokes that this beard gadget 'may save' her marriage


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Every so often, we discover gadgets and gizmos that we never thought we needed until now. They are the items that we had no clue existed and were created to make our lives easier. So when ABC's "Shark Tank" introduced us to The Beard King, two things came to mind: "Why didn't I think of that?" and "I need this in my life A.S.A.P!"

The Beard King is a hair catcher apron that works to catch all of your loose hairs while shaving. Say goodbye to clogged trains and messy sinks because this clever grooming cape is incredible easy to use. Not only does it attach to your mirror, but the built-in tray table stores all of your shaving accessories.

With the holidays in full swing, this is the perfect affordable gift for the man in your life --from your father to your significant other or even your BFF.

Shop: The Beard King official beard bib, $13.99

Don't just take it from us! The Beard King is rated 'Amazon's Choice' product and has tons of positive reviews:

One customer joked, "This may save my marriage. We’ve all been there, navigating the wrath of the wife after a nicely trimmed beard leaves hair all over the place. ‘Why in the hell is their hair in my toothbrush!?!?’ And ‘I just cleaned that sink, so you better not leave your disgusting beard hair all over it!’ Will be distant memories once you start using the beard king. The suction cups hold so well that if you try to just yank them off of the mirror, you’re likely to yank the mirror from the wall. The Velcro closure straps (sorry, hook and loop fasteners) have a good hold, and let out that satisfying ri-i-i-i-ip when you take it off. Overall, I think i should have picked one of these up sooner. If you have a beard, and don’t want your bathroom to look like a chihuahua exploded in it, you need this."

Another said, "best investment ever. This thing is amazing, catches almost 95% of my beard hair, requires such minimal cleanup afterwards and its so easy to use. For those of you cleaning beard hair around the sink weekly and getting frustrated all the time with it, this is for you."