Try these easy tips for wrapping awkwardly-shaped gifts

Holiday Hacks helps you prepare for the holiday season with simple tips and tricks to turn your season from a stressful situation to a joyful celebration, so you can actually enjoy the holidays for once!

Wrapping gifts for your loved ones during the holidays can be tricky and frustrating. In this episode of "Holiday Hacks," we'll show you some quick tips to make the gift giving season a bit easier. From packaging freshly baked cookies to wrapping small accessories and gift cards, these tips will help you make all of your gifts look extra festive.

One hack we especially love is wrapping gifts diagonally. Instead of placing your gift box in line with the paper, turn it so the corners of the paper line up with the horizontal edges of the box, then fold in. This makes the wrapping look extra chic and perfectly folded almost every time.

Check our more wrapping hacks in the video above and shop all of your holiday wrapping needs below!