Daniel Moon is the hairstylist behind your favorite celebrities' iconic looks

Daniel Moon's clientele includes Kanye West, Madonna, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie and Zoë Kravtiz — to name a few.

Moon considers hair to be an art form. It was never his goal to work with famous celebrities, but he considers it an incredible opportunity to collaborate with other artists. For him, working on someone's hair is like filling in a blank canvas.

"People have come in and said, 'Nobody wanted to do this to my hair,'" Moon told In The Know. "I like to do those jobs because I like to challenge myself."

Moon's salon, HAIR Los Angeles, opened in 2018 and is a far cry from his years in the Marines. His girlfriend at the time had been working at a hair salon that was owned by a former Army Ranger, which reaffirmed to Moon that hair truly was his passion.

His philosophy for HAIR Los Angeles is: "If you have an idea, we can create it."

"I always ask people, 'Okay, what's your favorite color?'" Moon said. "Do you like multi-color? Do you like single-color? Pick a painting or pick a picture out of a magazine and kind of, like, give me some color blocks, give me the family of colors that they want to live in."

Moon says giving people the exact color or colors they want is like giving them color therapy. That's why no idea is too extreme for him — sometimes he'll even encourage clients to consider going more intense or out-of-the-box.

"I can bring something to the table with my love and specialty. It's always an honor to do that."

Even with an impressive client list, 42,000 followers on Instagram and a salon he built from the ground up in, Moon is not done building his empire.

"There's never, you know, that satisfaction of like, 'I made it,'" Moon said. "You have to make it, you have to make it again, you have to make it again, you have to make it again."

The most important thing for Moon is that he's making people happy and doing what he loves. His advice to fellow creatives is that if the desire is really within you, you will make it happen.

"If you're destined to do it, it will lead you to that place of finding what you're meant to be doing."

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