Beard ornaments will take your holiday party look up a festive level

Ugly sweaters and printed socks may be festive go-tos when it comes to dressing up for a holiday party, but there are other accessories you can wear to get in the spirit. We're talking about beard ornaments! You read that right—ornaments that you can hang from your beard.

The tiny ornaments are attached to clips that make it easy to decorate any beard, short or long. They come in red, gold, silver, blue and green jingle bells (that actually have a faint jingle), as well as multi-colored light up bulbs. You can find a 16-pack of the DecoTiny Beard Ornaments (includes four light-up bulbs and 12 bells) on Amazon for $12.99 (originally $14.99).

One Amazon reviewer said,"These beard ornaments are fantastic. My beard is my trademark around town. I think that my friends and family will get a kick out of seeing the decorations on it at holiday parties this year. These are also some bells in the set too which make a pleasant sound which is a nice touch. Very festive!"

If you want to take things a step further, or are only working with a little stubble, there's also beard glitter. Beardaments Glitterbeard kit ($19.99 on Amazon) comes with highly-pigmented red, green, silver and gold glitter for dressing up your facial hair. The kit includes a special glitter application oil that when applied first, helps keep the glitter sticking to your beard. However, reviewers say the oil washes out relatively easy.

"The color comes out easily when you shower. The glitter is a bit harder to wash off, but so worth it," one Amazon reviewer wrote.

You can wear beard ornaments and beard glitter on their own or wear them together for the ultimate festive look this holiday season. Check out the video above to see more on these fun products!

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