This woman's brain tumor inspired her holistic lifestyle

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"I am very serious about ringing out every drop of life. I'm trying to make the most out of every single day and take nothing for granted," says Andrea Corbi Fine.

The 44 year-old adopted a plant-based diet after a health scare a few years ago.

When Andrea was 13, she lost her father at age 48. Her mom passed away and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor the following year for which she had to undergo brain surgery.

"I thought, 'I have awful genes,' Andrea said, "'I'm not going to live past 40.'"

A friend then sent Andrea a video that had a quote that deeply resonated with her: "Just because you've been dealt a bad genetic hand doesn't mean you can't reshuffle the deck with diet."

She began her research and as she says "The very next day i started a 12-day plant-based journey, and I never stopped.

To learn more about Andrea's journey and holistic lifestyle, watch the video above.