Southwest Airlines employee steals the show by dancing as he de-ices plane

Passengers awaiting liftoff at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport got some unexpected pre-flight entertainment earlier this month.

As the Southwest Airlines flight was preparing to depart, an employee could be seen working outside as he de-iced the plane, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

That's not all the worker was doing though. As he was removing frost from the plane, he was also heating up the dance floor.

The employee, later identified as Davon Sims, was captured on video by college student Claire Embil, who was waiting for her flight to depart for Baltimore.

"Idk who this man is but he made a delayed flight so much better! It’s the little things," Embil wrote on Twitter, sharing footage of Sims boogieing his heart out from inside his crane-like work platform.

"He was in his own world in between the sprays just jamming out. I couldn't help but take a video," Embil told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Sims, who has worked for Southwest for nearly seven years, later said he was likely listening to a '90s R&B song. He added that dancing is a regular part of his work routine.

"Usually I’m out there at 4 in the morning, so either I'm listening to music or I have a song stuck in my head and I'm moving to stay warm," he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The footage of Sims dancing has since been covered by multiple news outlets, with Southwest even reaching out to Embil to thank her for the heartwarming video.

"[Southwest founder Herb Kelleher] believed in hiring for attitude since skill could always be taught," the airline wrote on Twitter. "Feel free to DM your confirmation number if we can share your thanks for today's rainy day delay dance!"