Mom's odd Christmas tree turns heads: 'I improvise'

An Australian mother's Christmas tree has gone viral for the lack of effort — or impressive amount of creativity, depending on how one sees it — she put into it.

On November 12, lifestyle blogger Jessie Roberts, a mother of three who lives in Melbourne, shared a photo of her unusual "tree" on Instagram. The makeshift tree, which she had actually put up last year, consists of a tall pile of laundry topped with a star.

"Last years Christmas tree," she wrote in the caption. "We [were] going away for 2 weeks and I couldn’t and didn’t have time to do the washing... so Like any creative person... I improvise."

Roberts' husband apparently was not pleased, she jokingly added.

As of Friday, Roberts' post has received nearly 600 likes and almost 100 comments.

"Hahaha love this," one person wrote. "Genius!! I wonder if I can make mine last til next yr?"

In an interview with TODAY Parenting, Roberts said she was just trying to have fun with what is typically a tedious chore.

"I think it resonated with so many moms and dads because we all have that pile of clothes somewhere in our homes — dirty or clean — it's if we choose to show it or no," she said. "When house duties get to be too much, it's better to make light of it than to throw the towel in."

She also said there's a lesson to be learned.

"It's a good reminder that it's OK to not be on top of your household chores," she told TODAY. "And some days, we just can't be bothered with adulting."