Mailman faces outrageous obstacle for weeks on end: 'I'm not even speaking to him'


A mailman in Wisconsin is turning heads after an unexpected enemy plagued his deliveries for weeks on end.

Jeff Byrne, a mail carrier in Waukesha, is going viral thanks to a video of his surprising — and holiday-appropriate — nemesis chasing him through a neighborhood.

His stalker? A wild turkey.

Footage of Byrne battling with the turkey has taken the internet by storm, receiving more than 350,000 shares since a neighbor, Sherry Michaels, shared it on Facebook.

The video shows the turkey angrily circling Byrne's USPS truck, then sprinting off in pursuit each time the vehicle leaves for a new house. It's a cycle that's apparently been going on for weeks.

"Our poor mail carrier has been dealing with this for a month!" Michaels wrote when she shared the video.

At some points in the footage, the turkey can be seen blocking Byrne's truck or even seemingly trying to enter his truck. The experience is apparently a first for the 20-year delivery veteran.

"[I've dealt with] dogs, rabbits, birds every once in a while, but never a turkey," Byrne told WISN-TV.

Byrne said he's grown more comfortable with the animal but added that being chased was a little intimidating at times. Now, the turkey has just become a part of his daily routine.

"I'll be honest. In the beginning, it was 'get away from the truck.' But now I'm not even speaking to him," Byrne told WISN-TV.

The mailman added that he can't ignore the irony of the situation, as his new foe appeared just in time for Thanksgiving.

"It's Thanksgiving. I can't say he's annoying. [It's] too close to his holiday," Byrne told WISN-TV.

It's unclear why the turkey has developed such a vendetta for Byrne, but the saga has clearly become a source of entertainment across social media. Hundreds of Facebook users poured in their reactions by commenting on Michaels' video.

"He is anxiously awaiting a presidential pardon so he doesn't get eaten this year," one commenter wrote.

"The turkey must think the mailman is feeding the mailboxes!!!" another posted.

"That poor mailman is going to lose a finger one day," another said.