Be thankful you're not a victim of these egregious Thanksgiving fails

We're just days away from one of the most (debatably) festive holidays: Thanksgiving. Though its celebration has been the subject of intense debate, one thing is clear — those who do observe the holiday can't do so without pigging out on a scrumptious meal.

In fact, nothing tests the mettle and knife skills of an amateur or professional chef more than the task of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. The preparation itself can take hours, days even. And because of that, no one — and we can't stress this enough, no one — wants to see the end product turn out horribly.

Sadly, not everyone is a Michelin-star chef (and, yes, we might be referring to you). If the constant beeping from your smoke alarm isn't enough of an indicator that you're not cut out to cook, then maybe the wince your family makes when they try your food is.

In any case, if we haven't discouraged you, then let us, at least, share some advice by showing you what your meals shouldn't like.

If your biscuits look like coal, you're better off serving them to your fireplace.

Green bean casserole should at least have some hints of green in it.

What we're trying to say is that your dish shouldn't look as if it were cooked in sludge.

Oh, and also make sure your turkey doesn't look like it just got into a fight inside a crockpot.

Thanksgiving is NOT the holiday to experiment with colors.

If you decide to make dessert, presentation is key. That means your gingerbread cake should look like cake, not a slab of sandstone.

And, please don't add creepy faces to your pies.