Man begs for help with hilarious cardboard sign: 'I will not be silent'


A Georgia pastor took to Facebook last Saturday to share a hilarious cardboard sign that he made as his wife spent hours shopping at Target.

Jeremy Tuck, a senior pastor at Living Faith Tabernacle in the Atlanta metropolitan area, was waiting for his wife Akila Cooper Tuck when he ran out of patience. In a photo that has since gone viral, Jeremy is seen holding a sign that reads, "NOT HOMELESS. WIFE IN TARGET 2+ HOURS. PLEASE HELP!" He included a caption along with the photo, saying that he would not remain silent.

As of Thursday afternoon, Jeremy's post has been shared over 168,000 times. Many fellow Facebook users also joined in on the fun.

"God will never put more on you then you can bear... 1 Corinthians," one person replied.

Others were more sympathetic toward Akila.

"Why is he even there?" another jokingly asked. "Was he invited? Is he there to cause havoc? Yea, I don’t get it! He should not even be in attendance! Give her the card and gone on bout yo business."

Amid the overwhelming response Jeremy's post received, Akilah issued her own retort on Facebook.

"I wish I could get a $1 for how many times my husband’s 'funny' Target picture has been shared," she wrote. "He’s gone viral all for making fun of me 'budget' shopping at Target. I think I deserve something for all my troubles!"