Health Hacks: Tips for fighting the common cold

Welcome to Health Hacks with Doctor Mike, a weekly video series to learn the latest tips and tricks to ensure you're as healthy as can be.

According to research, adults have an average of about two to four colds every year, with most occurring from September until late March, early April. Plus, as flu season heats up, you're going to want to take every precaution against getting sick.

In this week's episode of Health Hacks, Doctor Mike is revealing his biggest tips for preventing the common cold. It looks like grandma was right!

1. Honey: A teaspoon of honey is sometimes better than over the counter medications at controlling your cough. If you're giving it to your kids, make sure they're above the age of one.

2. Nasal saline rinse: The saline rinse does a very good job of clearing mucus by opening up your nasal passageways.

3. Saltwater gargle: Grandma wasn't kidding about this one. Scientific research shows it provides symptomatic relief for sore throats by pulling fluid from throat tissues.

4. Steam up: Inhaling steam opens up airways and increases circulation so that your immune cells can arrive quicker at the site of infection.

5. Chicken noodle soup: From the electrolytes to the extra calories, chicken noodle soup does wonders for your body!

6. Hydration: When you're sick, it's even more important to make sure your body is hydrated to make up for the loss of fluids.