The $8 accessory that AirPod-lovers will flip for

While you may see AirPods as just one of your day-to-day tech essentials, there's no reason they can't also be a stylish accessory. Hear us out...

The typical AirPods are plain, white and nothing to write home about -- and to be honest, they get dirty pretty quickly. So that is why we are obsessed with the Duo Cases from the brand elago.

Shop: elago AirPods Duo Case, $7.99

These flexible, shock-resistant silicone cases slip right over your AirPod case (both AirPods and AirPods Pro work) and protect it from scratches and any accidental drops. Thanks to all of the bright color combos, you'll easily be able to find your AirPods at the very bottom of your bag. And the best part? These colored-blocked cases come with two different caps letting you mix and match colors in seconds since the caps aren't attached to the body -- but don't worry about losing your case. The silicone has a special anti-slip coating so they won't slide off.

These Duo Cases have been deemed an Amazon Choice product and have received some pretty high praise online.

One happy reviewer shared, "I love this product. Easy application, it's super stylish, very snug fit and it feels nice to the touch. It adds a little more grip than the naked airpods case but not too much, it's almost like a buttery smooth firm rubber."

Another chimed in saying, "This case is amazing. Such great quality and color options. I was worried that the case might slip off, especially the top, but it is very grippy and has never felt like it was going to come off. Price is amazing too, for $11 bucks you get a bottom case and two top colors." Shop more color combos below!

Shop: elago AirPods Duo Case, $9.99

Shop: elago AirPods Duo Case, 10.99

Shop: elago AirPods Duo Case, $10.99