Adam Devine says he plans to 'glow down' for his wedding

Adam Devine isn't letting his upcoming wedding stop him from enjoying all the treats the holiday season has to offer.

Devine, who recently got engaged to Chloe Bridges, told AOL's Gabrielle Sorto that he plans to "glow down" for his wedding. 

"I plan to gain 80-100 pounds — mostly in my head," he joked. "I want to wear a trash bag as my tuxedo and just waddle down the aisle."

His partnership with Captain Morgan should help with his goal to have tasty treats this holiday season.

Catching up with the actor before tasting Merry Morgans, the limited-edition ice cream sandwiches from Captain Morgan and Big Gay Ice Cream, Devine told AOL that he drinks the limited-edition Gingerbread Spiced Rum with his family around the holidays.

"It's very holiday tasting and it's a delicious treat," he said. "And the holiday is a good time to treat yourself."

According to Devine, the Gingerbread Spiced Rum smells just like his "Modern Family" co-star Sarah Hyland. 

Without a wedding diet, the "Pitch Perfect" star is free to enjoy his grandma's special recipe of twice-baked potatoes at Thanksgiving this year, which mostly consists of a "bucket of sour cream and, like, 13 sticks of butter," he said.

As far as holiday traditions, Devine spends the holidays with his family the way pretty much everyone else does. 

"I usually eat too much food and fall asleep on the couch while my mom says, 'We should watch a movie!'" he said.

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Stars celebrate Thanksgiving 2018
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Ready for Thanksgiving Like..... Sending you love 💜💜💜
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The Merry Morgan ice cream sandwiches will be free every Thursday until Dec. 26 for those 21+ visiting Big Gay Ice Cream shops in New York and Philadelphia. 

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