Lola is a doula in Brooklyn who takes a more holistic view on child birth

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Lola Lorber is a birth and postpartum doula from New York City:

"A doula is person who provides emotional and physical support to a woman who's going through childbirth. I also work with families in the postpartum period. I'm there to be an advocate for the families that I work with, whether it's in the hospital, the birthing center or at home."

Lola focuses on making the actual day of birth of the child what it was meant to be -- a celebration and a day of fun. Her aim is to make the birth enjoyable and less stressful for the mother and family involved.

In an increasingly medicalized birthing standard, Lola focuses on the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the process.

She fell into her career by accident after attending a medical conference in Washington D.C. with documentary filmmakers she was working with.

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