Cocktail of the Week: Spiced pear apple cocktail

Trust us, you're going to want to sip on this spiced pear apple cocktail all fall. Made with fresh fruit, a dash of cinnamon and gold rum, it's the perfect drink for chilly nights. Check out the recipe in this week's episode of Cocktail of the Week!


  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup sugar

  • ½ fresh pear, chopped

  • 3 cups organic apple juice

  • 2 cinnamon sticks

  • 6 ounces Cuban rum or gold rum

  • cinnamon sticks for garnish

  • pear or apple slices for garnish


  1. In pot, combine water, sugar, chopped pear, organic apple juice, and 2 cinnamon sticks.

  2. Heat to a simmer. Simmer 5 minutes.

  3. Remove from heat and strain into a heatproof bowl.

  4. Add rum and stir.

  5. Ladle into heat-proof glasses.

  6. Garnish with pear or apple slice and cinnamon sticks.

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