Wild video shows cosmetic foundation completely erase tattoo: 'I'm shook'


A magician never reveals their secrets — until now.

Promotional footage of a newly announced foundation by Coloured Rain, a diverse cosmetic line that includes shades for people of all skin tones, shows the product cause a large tattoo to disappear into thin air.

The short clip, which has been shared on Twitter more than 37,000 times, depicts an inked-up model rubbing the brand's foundation over an ornate arm tattoo.

With no sleight of hand, the cosmetic is applied over the ink, which is concealed so well it appears to have almost rubbed off the model's skin entirely.

Another clip shared by the company on Twitter shows the same model using foundation of a lighter shade to produce a similar jaw-dropping effect.

"So I didn't read the caption first and I really thought somebody was out here doing erasable tattoos," one Twitter user wrote.

"I'm shook," chimed in another.

The videos have created considerable buzz surrounding the full-coverage concealer, although Coloured Rain has yet to announce an exact date it will be available for purchase, only offering that it would be sometime early next year.

"We appreciate the support and look forward to bringing you all the foundation in 2020," the brand shared on Twitter.

Loraine R. Dowdy, the makeup company's CEO, founded Coloured Raine in 2013 in order to create a "stand-out cosmetics line that broke all beauty barriers."

"Beauty brands have historically made cosmetics that only cater to a narrow segment of the population - those with pale skin tones," the company's website states. "This practice has left more than half the country out in the cold."

"Nobody should have to spend hours blending every color in their makeup bag to get that perfect, poppin’ shade," it adds. "We believe everyone deserves to express themselves through makeup."

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