Hiker films himself on 'world's most dangerous trail'

A hiker bravely recorded himself climbing Mount Hua in China, which is infamously known for its terrifying "plank walk in the sky." The clip was shared by Rumble.

Dubbed "the most dangerous trail in the world," the hike is not for the faint of heart or for anyone afraid of heights. According to travel magazine Atlas Obscura, Mount Hua is made up of five peaks, each with a centuries-old temple on top. The most remote temple is on the southernmost peak and has a special tea ceremony for those who are brave or lucky enough to reach it.

The path is terrifying. The "Heavenly Stairs" is a long trail of steep, stone steps, which are carved directly into the mountain. For the ascent of the southern peak, the trail disappears almost entirely. Hikers have to shuffle along the mountainside on a thin ledge of cobbled wood planks — some of which, because of the increasing crowds, have fallen away and forced hikers to balance on chains and leftover pegs in order to keep moving.

The peak sits at an altitude of 7,087 feet. As of 2018, Chinese police insist that all hikers must register before starting their hike and must carry identification with them in case they fall. There is no official count of how many people have died on the trail: While some claim it's around 100 people annually, Insider.com reports that the number has never been confirmed.

Watch the video above shows to see what it's like to hike the most dangerous trail in the world.