Walmart offers huge savings on a 65-inch TV with access to 500,000+ movies and shows

Treat yourself to a nice, new Sanyo 65-inch TV—you know you want it. (Photo: Walmart)
Treat yourself to a nice, new Sanyo 65-inch TV—you know you want it. (Photo: Walmart)

When you’re ahead of your holiday shopping, it’s all “Joy to the World.” But when you lag behind, it’s more like “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” Not to stress you out, but there are six fewer shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas this year. Just sayin’.

But have no fear! We’ve joined forces with to get you early access to the very best holiday savings right now: Every day this month, we’re bringing you new deals on Yahoo Shopping—all part of our 30 Days of Savings event. The upshot? You don’t have to wait till Black Friday to get great prices—you can shop right this second, and begin crossing things off your list. Whew!

On the 11th day of savings (sung to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”), we bring you gadgets and equipment galore, including a home gym that’ll have you burning off those mashed potatoes in no time.

But first, get a load of this massive 65-inch 4K TV on sale for only $380. With a great picture and insane content access (browse 500,000 movies and TV shows!), this baby is sure to make a majestic entertainment hearth and hub. We particularly love that this 4K TV offers Featured Free, which gives you instant access to free movies and shows. No hidden fees or sneaky surprise charges when you curl up to watch that flick you’ve been excited about.

Speaking of saving money, scroll down for three more deals not to miss.

Shop it: Sanyo 65" Class 4K Ultra HD (2160p) HDR Roku Smart TV (FW65R70F), $380 (was $498),

Emeril Lagasse Pressure Air Fryer Plus 6 Quart

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside is the name of this cooking game. (Photo: Walmart)
Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside is the name of this cooking game. (Photo: Walmart)

Countertop real estate is at a premium, especially during the holidays. An appliance has to be pretty darned amazing to warrant placement. This brilliant double-duty cooker—which feeds a crowd at the push of a button—more than earns its spot.

It’s a pressure cooker and air fryer in one—you can use either function as needed, or both in sequence. We’ll explain. The problem with pressure-cooking is that you can’t really achieve crunch. The food cooks slowly and tenderly and deliciously—but it’s all soft. With this guy, you can cook a fall-off-the-bone roast, then air-fry it for a crispy-skin finish. A glorious whirlwind of superheated air, rather than oil or butter, makes this a healthier route to your toothsome goal.

At 6 quarts, this machine can feed a small army—and it’s a joy to work with. Says one fan: “The features this comes with are so easy to use. I made shredded chicken using the pressure cooker function. I then sautéed onions and peppers using the sauté function, then put the chicken back in and added the rest of my ingredients and put it in slow cooker mode to finish my tortilla soup. I was able to do everything in one pot and clean up was super easy! It's the perfect addition to my kitchen!”

Shop it: Emeril Lagasse Pressure Air Fryer Plus 6 Quart, $149 (was $169),

Gold's Gym XRS 20 Adjustable Olympic Workout Bench

Now you have no excuse to skip the gym. (Photo: Walmart)
Now you have no excuse to skip the gym. (Photo: Walmart)

Get a jump on the “new year, new you” mindset, with this pro-quality workout station. Buy it now, set it up in the basement, and when you recover from the Thanksgiving tryptophan coma and go downstairs to wash the tablecloth, you’ll get a pleasant surprise. By the time the new year hits, you’ll be super excited to do some heavy (or light) lifting.

This home gym is compact (think of a 4-by-6 rug). It’s not overwhelming, but it has everything you need for a full-body workout: a six-roll leg developer for quads, hamstrings, and glutes, a curl yoke to build upper body strength. There’s even a place for barbells. You can store your free weights (you know, the ones you always stub your toe on) inside the frame.

Setup is easy, and the savings are a no-brainer: “I'm a little woman and I put this together alone in a few hours with two kids running around,” says a fan. “The instructions are super easy to understand with correlating pictures. Staying competitively fit is extremely important to me, but paying $80 a month just to get into the door of a crowded gym is absurd. I can work every part of my body even more efficiently now that I can take my time.”

Sing it, sister!

Shop it: Gold's Gym XRS 20 Adjustable Olympic Workout Bench, $160 (was $170),

VIZIO 32" 5.1 Channel Soundbar System

This set comes with a soundbar, subwoofer and two rear speakers. (Photo: Walmart)
This set comes with a soundbar, subwoofer and two rear speakers. (Photo: Walmart)

You don’t realize how important a good sound system is until you’ve watched a flick where both wild action and faint whispers are crystal clear. And while you might think simply owning a good TV means you’re all set on sound, chances are there are times you and your spouse are asking each other, “What did he just say?”

Surround sound takes movie night (as well as mid-week binging) to a whole new level. Clarity and excitement meet in this Soundbar setup, which is drawing rave reviews from shoppers.

“I NEVER review anything. Like, ever,” says a happy customer. “BUT...this fills the room and makes you smile. BIG SOUND. The subwoofer sounds STUNNING. No rattle, no flatness, no shake, no crackle...”

This all-in-one setup also makes your holiday party playlist—streamed from your phone—absolutely sparkle. So what are you waiting for? Turn up the volume now, while the price is right—and enjoy the upgrade during entertaining season!

Shop it: VIZIO 32" 5.1 Channel Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Speakers - SB3251n-E0, $148 (was $168),

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