This woman spends 4 hours a day to turn herself into a living doll

My Beauty Obsession showcases the extreme ways in which people strive to be beautiful. From a mother who has used a corset to achieve her 18-inch waist to a woman who underwent numerous surgeries to look like Melania Trump, the stories are endless.

For performance artist Toshi Salvino, makeup is the ultimate form of self-expression. 

From her dramatic eyelashes to her pastel-colored hair, glitter-sprinkled face to her themed costumes, Salvino uses her body and makeup to transform herself into a "living art doll." 

"I'm a canvas and I can channel any type of creature or style through that," the "Jack of all trades" explained to AOL. "Being a living doll means I can explore any time of thing that I want but still always remain the same underneath. [I] always come back to the same blank canvas." 

Salvino's elaborate transformation takes around three to four hours a day and includes layers upon layers of makeup, including foundation, cream pigment, powder, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, lipstick and glitter, just to name a few. "I kind of use makeup not with its intended use," she maintained. "I like to explore and just use it as a material."

"To me, this is normal. I'm just always some level of myself," she concludes.

See more of Toshi's work in the video above! 

Meet more of the living doll, Toshi
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Meet more of the living doll, Toshi
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