These exercises will build up your balance & coordination

These exercises will build up your balance & coordination

In The Know: Fitness is a series of exercise videos hosted by personal trainer, Jeremy Sry, in which he demonstrates step-by-step workouts that are easy to do at home, at the gym and even on the go.

Balance and coordination are crucial to every daily task we perform, from simple menial tasks like getting out of bed in the morning and walking around the office to more to more rigorous tasks like hiking or sprinting. These three simple moves will not only improve your balance and coordination, but they'll help strengthen some of those major muscle groups.

1. Pistol Squats (3 sets of 10 reps per each side)

Starting from a standing position, stick one leg out forward and slowly squat down. If you find it to be too difficult, you can find a platform and use that for balance.

2. Planks (3 sets of 30 second reps)

Assume a plank position with your shoulders right above your wrists. As you start to get tired, you can add a slight curve in your back to make sure your abs stay contracted

3. Shoulder Taps (3 sets of 30 second reps)

Drop back into the same plank position, hold and bring your hand up to the opposite shoulder. Keep your core squeezed and contracted.