Holistic Homes: Remy discovered the benefits of a holistic lifestyle after health scares in college

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Remy is a recipe developer and health and wellness blogger from Manhattan

“My definition of a holistic lifestyle would be something that encompasses mind, body and spirit … beyond thinking about wellness from an energetic standpoint and a mental standpoint, I think it's really important to consider everything under the sun."

Remy developed an eating disorder at the young age of seven and became heavily involved with alcohol and substances from age 12.

After a big wake up call six years ago while in college, Remy decided that she needed to get serious about both her mental and physical health.

She began Instagramming photos of her food as a way to show her therapist that she was compliant with the meal plan she had been assigned to in recovery and from there, the rest is history.

Watch the video above to learn more about Remy’s holistic lifestyle based around veganism, yoga and staying sober.