Health Hacks: Fall asleep faster and easier with these tips


Welcome to Health Hacks with Doctor Mike, a weekly video series to learn the latest tips and tricks to ensure you're as healthy as can be.

Although sleep is the least talked about pillar of health -- exercise and nutrition make up the other two! -- it's imperative to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If not, your productivity and well-being take a hit. However, there are ways to ensure your sleep quality and duration are up to par with these tips from Doctor Mike.

1. Yoga right before bedtime can be great at calming you down. A pose like legs up the wall is ideal for returning circulation back to the heart and decreasing blood pressure.

2. Bubble baths bring your core body temperature down, helping you fall asleep even faster.

3. Set the mood with an ideal sleep environment by keeping your room as dark as possible, without televisions, phones and noises, and lower your thermostat.

4. If you can't fall asleep within 15 minutes of tossing and turning, get up and do something calming.

5. Breathe deeply to help relieve anxiety and body tension.

6. Decrease caffeine consumption and ensure it stays towards the beginning of your day. Rule of thumb? No caffeine 8 hours before bedtime.