Mom overwhelmed by response to heartbreaking question from autistic son: 'Would someone like me?'


A 21-year-old with autism has gone viral after his mother shared a heartbreaking question he asked her.

Last Wednesday, Kerry Bloch of Neptune Beach, Fla., took to Twitter to post a photo of her son David.

"My 21 year old autistic son has no communication skills," she tweeted. "Today he asked me his first question ever. It was. 'Would someone like me?'"

Bloch's tweet immediately went viral — as of Monday afternoon, it has been retweeted over 5,000 times and received more than 72,000 likes. Fellow Twitter users, including CNN anchor Jake Tapper, responded to Bloch's post with words of support as well.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!" Tapper tweeted back.

On Friday, Bloch's tweet also caught the attention of Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles, who offered Bloch and her family tickets to a Jazz game.

That same day, Bloch responded to the outpouring of love in a follow-up tweet.

"To say that David and I are overwhelmed by the response to this simple tweet is putting it mildly," she wrote. "Our hearts have never been touched like this. I am reading every reply to David. It'll take time but know that every one of you have blessed us. Love you all!"

In an interview with Fox News, Bloch revealed that David had been nonverbal for most of his life and would only talk when prompted by his parents. He reportedly became lonely shortly after developing a severe immunodeficiency disorder that forced him to be homeschooled.

"His grandma lived with us for five years after her stroke. She passed a little over a year ago, so now it’s just the three of us," she said. "We are pretty isolated here and have prayed continually that David would find friends."

Since Bloch's tweet went viral, she said she has tried to thank everyone individually.

"David doesn't ever want to leave anyone out," she said. "But it might take a while."